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Mission & Vision

In collaboration with families and community, our students experience an interdisciplinary and Social Justice oriented-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math magnet program that is infused with Humanities courses to develop cultural awareness and social emotional skills so students can flourish in their college, career and post-secondary life.
MSTMA is an inclusive community space in the Boyle Heights community that serves to develop student leaders who will advocate and innovate for positive change, personally and collectively.
Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR's)
Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy students will:
  1. think critically and problem solve for social justice
  2. read with subtlety and develop a powerful sophisticated voice.
  3. be engaged in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum
  4. be able to integrate technology in meaningful ways in all core subjects through exhibitions of student learning.
  5. be able to work independently and collaboratively to complete original work.
  6. contribute to the physical, emotional and intellectual wellness of the Magnet