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Parent Engagement Policies

School Compact and Parent/Family Engagement Policy

Welcome to the dedicated section of our website for the Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy (MSTMA) at Roosevelt High School's School Compact and Parent/Family Engagement Policy. These documents are vital to our collaborative effort in enhancing academic achievement and fostering an inclusive, supportive educational environment for our students and their families.
School Compact

The School Compact is an agreement between MSTMA, parents, and students, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party in ensuring student success. It emphasizes our commitment to providing high-quality curriculum and instruction while highlighting ways parents can support their children's learning journey.
Access the Final Version of the School Compact:
Parent/Family Engagement Policy

Our Parent/Family Engagement Policy details our approach to involving parents and families in the educational process. It underscores the importance of parental involvement in academic achievement and outlines the strategies MSTMA employs to promote family engagement.
Access the Final Version of the Parent/Family Engagement Policy:
Your Participation Is Key

Your insights, feedback, and active participation shape these policies. We encourage all parents and family members to review these documents and reach out with any suggestions, questions, or discussions you wish to have. These policies are designed with the flexibility to adapt and evolve based on our community's needs.
Get in Touch

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss these documents further. Your involvement is invaluable to us, and we are here to support you however we can.
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to excellence at MSTMA. We are creating a vibrant, supportive, and successful learning environment for all our students.